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Delhi College of Distance Education

Shastri Nagar, Delhi 110052

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DCDE (Delhi College of Distance Education), an initiative of IITians, came into existence in 2005 having a mission to educate the working people. DCDE offers Undergraduate / Post- graduate courses in the subjects of Science and Engineering. The medium of instruction is primarily through well-prepared printed course material which is distributed by post to all the enrolled students. This is also supplemented through Personal Contact Program conducted for the benefit of students at various study centers run by the DCDE. An experienced faculty is always available at the main campus for academic interaction with students.

Since its establishment, DCDE is promoting and developing the adoption of scientific methods in business and education. Our main objectives is to set up workshops as a means of encouraging the free exchange of scientific ideas and of establishing lines of communication between academia and industry.

DCDE offers learning through the distance education mode which is a viable alternative for students who need a flexible medium of instruction to attain higher education and vocational skills especially for the person who is working in rubber / polymer / chemical / environmental related industries.

DCDE came into existence for the sake of working people. We don't recommend our courses to fresher. DCDE is not recognised/affiliated with any government agencies. 

How to apply:-

  • Read all details about DCDE, course details, fee and terms and conditions available on website.
  • If satisfied, choose the desired course.
  • Submit online form on our website.
  • After successful submission, wait for 3 hours.
  • You'll get an approval code along with bank account details where you have to deposit course fee.
  • After depositing course fee, send us payment receipt.
  • You'll receive payment confirmation through SMS and email.
  • Download application form from our website and furnish all particulars.
  • Send by post/courier at specified address within 7 days along with supporting documents.
  • Wait for 10-15 days, you'll get welcome kit containing Identity card, payment receipt etc. along with study materials.
  • Study materials shall be sent after 30 days if the same has not been sent with welcome kit.



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